About Me Carolyn Jones / My Story

Carolyn Jones is an NLP practitioner and entrepreneur from Kings Langley, Great Britain. Carolyn helps people break limiting beliefs that are holding them back from achieving success and helps people get unstuck.
Carolyn helps individuals profit wildly through digital marketing and NLP techniques and works one to one and does some stuff for clients too because in this age of information you just need more than information. People need support and interaction when things don’t work.
She has personally helped clients change their lives and been able to consistently proven herself. She has helped them gain choke holds in their respective personal and business lives.

cropped-c1.jpgMy passion is to help people turn their dreams into Gems so that they can concentrate in making a difference in their world. Because ultimately that’s what life is about. The only thing you get to leave here with is what you gave away and the difference you make.

I also does spiritual equipping to help people Know their God and have a life changing experience when they meet Jesus and to fulfil their purpose.

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