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The result of encountering God is that everything in your life – your career, your family, your finances, your relationships –  become a reflection or extension of your relationship with him.

The best success book, the bible has the truth about your identity, your purpose, your road map on this plane, how to guarantee your perception of yourself lines up with who GOD says you are and where you go after this life. It’s the life manual. It will have effects on every area of your life. Compared to the time you will be in eternity, your life here is just but a drop in the ocean. You came here from God on a journey of discovery and to grow.

Life is like a game with lots of clues to treasures, with lots of dangers and snares and you only win if you follow instructions and make it back. Just the same way we plan our lives, retirement etc. we MUST plan for the after life otherwise you might end up where you didn’t intent to.

What’s your goal for the after life? Where will you spend eternity? You can dream big, do great things here on earth but you would have lost in this game of life if you don’t dream of eternity with God. Below are stories of people who have had encounters with eternity and their lives completely changed. Let me know what you think.

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