Are you a small to medium sized business doing 6 figures in revenue and would like to jump to 7 figures 2022?

? Are you an entrepreneur who has a business which seemed to have plateaued and you don’t know what to do to move it higher? You invested time, energy sweat and money on your business and it paid off but you are thinking is this it?

?Are you having payroll problems?

? Tired of feeling like you are not making progress?

…If so, then keep reading!

My name’s Carolyn Jones, I invest in businesses to help them grow. I also help business owners and marketing experts towards maximising the success rates of the businesses. We basically analyse the business and find the acres of diamonds and help double it in a few months.

How do we do it?.

My team and I work with you or your team to give you results in the first month without costs to you. You only pay with the profits we help you generate.

??This is why hard working people and entrepreneurs love working with us:

✅ Our client’s success is our success. No more fear of what if it doesn’t work.

✅ Double your sales within 12 months or less with simplicity, less is more.

✅ We value integrity above profit and focus on results first. If we can’t help you, we don’t want your money.

✅ No more relying on generic advertising which gives you little or no returns. Full marketing makeover using our checklist.

  2. SALES CONVERSION System, and…

? Interested?

Frankly, I won’t even consider entering a relationship based on success, unless I’m confident that we can earn at least £5000 a year, which is why we don’t take on everyone who wants to be a private client.
You must also be turning over at least £25,000 a year right now.

Here are some businesses that have been helped with our team.

“Quickly Reached 7-Figures”
“We have a business that helps lawyers build more successful businesses particularly
with their online presence. But no matter what I tried, and I tried most things, we
couldn’t take the business beyond a 7-figure annual income. But since working with
Steve and the team and implementing The Formula along with all the automation,
we quickly reached 7-figures and now we’re heading to 8 figures at rapid pace.”
Grant Eagle, The Magneto Effect

“Sold 2 Firms For High-End Multiples”
“With the help of Steve and applying The Formula, we were able to grow, scale and
sell not one but two accountancy firms, and do it way above the normal accounting
multiple. If you’re looking to grow, scale and ultimately exit your service business
then my advice would be to at the very least speak to Steve and see how he can help
you too.”
Richard Brewin

“Scaled Beyond My Expectations”
“The growth of our commercial property real estate company had stalled and we
tried most things to increase sales and take the business to the next level. But
nothing really hit the mark. But working with Steve and the team over the last few
years has enabled us to build and scale the business beyond my expectations.”
Roberto Puth, PUTH SCRE

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