What next after cancer symptoms and diagnosis?

It seemed like yesterday. I sat down at his bedside and he said there is something he wants to tell me which might be life changing. I listened. I wasn’t scared. Nothing scared me really. I knew there is nothing we couldn’t get though together.

He said, ‘the doctor said I might have cancer but they are going to ran more tests to see if it’s true.’ I asked him how he took it, he said, he was very scared. With that I never gave myself permission to be scared because I had to be strong for my husband.

Humphrey and I met in Nairobi and married after two years. We moved to study and work in England. This was out tenth year of marriage. Many things had happened including having two beautiful children, getting his degree in theology and buying a house.

I can’t say it was always easy, like he had lost his job but nothing out of the ordinary. He worried from time to time, but I thought it was just a season. Things would be better.

Through experience, the most difficult thing after diagnosis is breaking the addiction to habitual thoughts of fear and worry. In middle aged people the most common cause of cancer is stress. Stress in adults can be caused by thoughts alone. With time the cells of the body get so addicted to those stress hormones they crave them.

The cell of the body make up the subconscious mind. When it is addicted to thoughts of fear and defeat, the body becomes the mind and dictates what you think. What you think in turn creates what you fear most, through the law of attraction, it’s a vicious circle.

The good news is that the damage that has been caused by stress can be fixed by changing those thoughts.

To stop it you have to decide to break it. Decide to see good in everything. There is a movie called ‘Pollyanna’ where a little girl played a ‘glad’ game where she helped everyone find why they needed to be glad despite the odds and in turn she changed a whole village and brought healing. Look for it on google.

For more tips to beat cancer, get access to my eBook listen to our past recording on how you can start beating cancer from today. You will get practical step by step instructions on what to do.

Also join our community of people who believe you can heal changing your thoughts here:Cancer Cellular Healing Group on face book.

If you are wondering what happened to Humphrey, well, he did not make it. He passed away after three month of diagnosis, not from cancer, but his blood sugar went too low. The doctors had given him two years. What came out of it is that I did a course which was incredible. I learned how to help people clear subconscious issues causing illnesses and helping them heal at cellular level.

As a result of working with me people get their immune system up and heal. Listen to the FREE class and claim an eBook too.

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