Finding Joy Again.

We were born into this world connected to God, source, joy, peace, health, abundance and all that is. Before we could speak, we lived in pure consciousness, and in flow with our TRUTH. Then slowly growing up with parents who had lost their connection, we too lost this connection.

We are spiritual beings having physical experience on this earth plane. We started believing that the Ego Mind, which was programmed by our environment, was the truth, and most of us lost all connection to our intuition, our True Self and
of course our TRUTH.

The Ego Mind taught us to resist joy, create struggle, disappointments and despair. Just think about this for a minute… How does this affect your life?

If Ego Mind stopped you from having joy in your relationships, then what is the effect of that on your life? Write it down.

If you pay attention and really take time to think, then you might create enough energy to actually do something about it and change these pattern in your life.

What’s showing up in your relationships that has been created by your Ego Mind? Remember anything that is struggle, stress, discomfort, disconnection or less than joy has been
created by your Ego Mind. By Non-Truth or subconscious programmings.

Have you written it down?

Then take a look at other areas of your life through the same lens. What is the effect of Ego Mind on your finances? How does it stop you from living life fully? What would your ideal financial situation look like? What does it stop you from experiencing in your life? Write it down!

What is the effect of Ego Mind on your Health? What does your ideal body feel like? In what way does your health stop you from living? What does that stop you from experiencing in your life? Write it down!

Ego Mind taught you to stop experiencing joy in your life.

Once you understand that the Ego is not you and is Non-Truth and it can be cleared, then you will open up bringing in abundance of JOY into your life.

Probably you have grown up in the church and believed it to be all the devil’s work. The devil is a defeated foe, he only uses the power people give him. If you submit yourself to the God in you, which is the way, the truth and the life, and resist him he will flee from you.

And of course, if you would like the health, love, joy and and BREAKTHOUGH that you can dream of, to show up in your life, then jump on a breakthrough call and we can talk with you
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You have to Give 100% To Get 100%.
If you want to live a life in abundance, to the full till it overflows, life 100%, full-out, milking it for all it’s worth and REALLY enjoying every moment of it, there’s a secret you have to
If you follow your True Self guidance 100%, you’ll get 100%
of the rewards, or results promised from the message. From my personal experience, whenever you don’t do all of it –
even though you might do 90%, you get a much lesser return on your time and energy invested.

You might decide to only do 90% of the guidance you received, but get zero result, or 10% of the result you expected.
That’s totally normal. There’s nothing wrong with you if that happens, that’s just the equation.

So when you’re clearly shown what to do, just do it exactly as you’re shown, when you’re shown to do it. Enjoy the rewards from 100% action.

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