Life Coaching in Herts.

How would you like to develop; positive habits, deal effectively with stress, spirituality: connect with God/ higher self, career guidance, create the life you want or relationship without any more confusion, losing more money or long years in counselling?

My name is Carolyn Jones, I am an intuitive life coach and NLP practitioner based in Kings Langley, Herts. As a result of working with me people get breakthroughs. They get educated on how to identify and clear key, core, limiting issues or beliefs in their subconscious minds that hold them back.

Three benefits of knowing how to use your intuition.

Have you ever thought of someone and they call you? Or felt bad about leaving the house, when you went back you found the iron still on? On 9/11 some people said how something told them to leave the twin towers and immediately they left it was attacked.

There was an old couple who both had the same dream of crushing in on a plane. They both felt strongly that morning that they should not travel as they had planned. Well, there was a tragic accident on that plane they were meant to travel on and their lives were spared.

Intuition is that inner guidance system which is supposed to keep you safe and help you prosper. 6% of the population have high intuition senses. The rest have to learn it as a skill and develop it like working out in the gym but the benefits are immense. In our intuition classes or one to one sessions we help you access this part of you that knows everything about you. This part that created you. The part that created worlds.

You will have the answers on how to be connected with your true self, what career path to follow, who to marry, why you are unfulfilled, how to break bad habits anchoring you to outcomes you don’t want in life etc. It will help you create a reality that is in tune with your higher self for your highest good.

Since you were young, you learned how to interpret feelings of tiredness, hunger, anger etc. All feelings even confusion, fear, depressions, anxiety, feeling stuck, pain in the body are all messages from your subconscious mind telling you, you need to do something differently.

When you know what it’s saying and co-operate miracles happen, synchronizations happen effortlessly. But when you don’t respond, sometimes it resorts to teaching you the hard way that is when you become ill.

It’s the same as being thirsty and drinking water. It’s supposed to be that easy. Find out answers from with you. We do it with you and for you. Book a FREE 15 minutes breakthrough session in my calendar here in our home page or listen to this past recorded class first, get ready to be amazed.

Carolyn Jones. Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

I have had a share of very hard challenges which opened other door for me to discovering greater wealth of wisdom and knowledge and to be able help others in trying times. I have since helped people with cancer to bounce back to health through cellular healing which is amazing among other things.

My moto in life to walk through the doors that difficulties open up for you and you will find your bliss. Expect something amazing coming your way because of it. Get in touch today. I look forward to speaking to you. You can access past class recording here or book a free session.