Therapy for Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Overcoming addictions and relationships.

If you are looking for therapy or coaching to overcome; anxiety, stress, anger, depression, relationship conflicts, weight problems, self hatred or addictions without spending years in therapy then you are in the right place.

By the time children are eight, they would have downloaded programs from their environment which they live out when they become adults. Some are good but others not very empowering. Unless they deliberately unlearn or go for therapy it would affect them.

Abuse in childhood and traumas in life can have devastating effects on your life and relationships as adults. The good news is that going for help is half the battle won because not many people like to talk to others about their secret struggles.

As a result of working with us people healed. They get inspired, determined and educated to identify and clear, key, core issues in their subconscious minds causing pain. They learn to use their intuition to guide them though life.

You will begin to have meaningful connections with the right people, relationships will be healed, conflicts resolved and trust will be built.

Finding inner peace.

If it’s addictions you want to overcome, you will overcome alcohol or food addiction and experience the freedom of nothing having a hold on you. You will be waking up feeling like a million pounds ready to take over the world and find and fulfill your purpose.

Panic attacks will seize and you will have full confidence in the future.

We will help you find out from your higher self who is in the best interest to be in relationship with or job and how to make it work.

You will overcome fears and phobias by clearing key issues from your subconscious mind.

Your life will improving. Your family and friends will admire you and ask you for your secret.

So if you need therapy and guidance from your intuition to create the life of your dreams, healing, or tools to cope visit our home page and call us or listen to this past recording of a healing class I I did a few months ago it will still help.

I overcame childhood abuse from a mentally ill father, went to eight different primary schools, was bullied in some, in my country, there was no free education, I raised my own secondary school fees, lost my first husband of ten years and overcame lots of things.

That was the best thing that happened to me because it opened up doors of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of life. In the bid to search for answers, I found myself. I discovered my higher self and we have had an amazing relationship.

I have known God more. He made promises to me which he has kept and blessed me beyond my wildest imagination. Relationship with him is the most important on of all.

So having said that listen to this past class recording it will help you.

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