Have you ever felt like you needed to do something but you can’t just get yourself to do it? You probably got distracted, or lost motivation or lacked energy? ‘The kingdom of God is within you’, Jesus. The kingdom is invisible to the eye but was established in hearts and minds of the human race. It’s systems are strong powerful and in constant operation.

Man can use the systems of this kingdom to improve their condition no matter what it is when they understand how it works. I am going to share with you the anatomy of this secret kingdom. It’s a kingdom that works with the law of seed time and harvest time. Everything starts with this five letter word, WORDS.

Words create our thoughts, thoughts determine emotions, emotions determine decisions, decisions determine actions, actions determine habits, habits determine character, and character determines the results we get. That’s the anatomy of life.

Jesus told a story of the sower in Mark 4:10-20 of a sower sowed seeds some fell on the way side and the birds ate. Some seeds fell on the rocky ground and roots didn’t go deep, some fell in the thorny ground and were choked by the thorns and the last ones fell on good ground and produced 30, 60, and 100% harvest.

Note: even some that fell on good ground still produced 30 and 60 instead of all 100%

Good seed plus 60% doubt will only give you 30. Good seed with 40% doubt might give you 60% harvest. Full harvest only happen with when you plant your seed and shower it with 100% faith.

What’s your biggest challenge today? Remember Darkness is just the absence of light and does not exist in itself. What would you like to see? Make it detailed and clear. The clearer it is the easier it is to achieve it. In our brains we have three programs running which can affect you positively or negatively.

Number one program is called DELETE. It helps you to stay focused by moving anything that’s not important to the background. Have you met someone new and they told you their names and you forgot it immediately? That’s the DELETE working.

Number 2 is called DISTORT. We think in pictures, words and emotions. This is what makes people have prejudice. The mind scans the whole system and bring up similar situations in the past to help in organising the present.

Number 3 is GENERALISE. This program helps work out details based on the history in the database. That’s why we can drive any care once you learn how to drive the first one.

These programs help us learn fast and not have to spend a lot of time working things out. At the same time they can keep us stuck in the status quo. We have thousands if not million pieces of information coming at us every day and so they only way the mind keeps you alive and focused is to delete what is not necessary so you can focus. Unfortunately after deciding you want to change your life if you are not clear on what you want the information coming to help you can get deleted, distorted or diluted by these programs.

Here are some suggestions to help

Read a book a month or regularly about the topic of change you are seeking.

Attend seminars, workshops and other meeting where people speaking on the same topic. If it’s finances you are working on we have a free money course coming up next month. Check our face book page for more information.

Write yourself a letter from your future self who has overcome it, encouraging your present self and read it every night.

Remember words create thought, thoughts create emotions, emotions determine decisions, decisions determine actions, actions determine habits, habits determine character and character determine results. Check out my next article about THOUGHTS coming up soon.

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Carolyn Jones.