Therapy for Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Overcoming addictions and relationships.

If you are looking for therapy or coaching to overcome; anxiety, stress, anger, depression, relationship conflicts, weight problems, self hatred or addictions without spending years in therapy then you are in the right place.

By the time children are eight, they would have downloaded programs from their environment which they live out when they become adults. Some are good but others not very empowering. Unless they deliberately unlearn or go for therapy it would affect them.

Abuse in childhood and traumas in life can have devastating effects on your life and relationships as adults. The good news is that going for help is half the battle won because not many people like to talk to others about their secret struggles.

As a result of working with us people healed. They get inspired, determined and educated to identify and clear, key, core issues in their subconscious minds causing pain. They learn to use their intuition to guide them though life.

You will begin to have meaningful connections with the right people, relationships will be healed, conflicts resolved and trust will be built.

Finding inner peace.

If it’s addictions you want to overcome, you will overcome alcohol or food addiction and experience the freedom of nothing having a hold on you. You will be waking up feeling like a million pounds ready to take over the world and find and fulfill your purpose.

Panic attacks will seize and you will have full confidence in the future.

We will help you find out from your higher self who is in the best interest to be in relationship with or job and how to make it work.

You will overcome fears and phobias by clearing key issues from your subconscious mind.

Your life will improving. Your family and friends will admire you and ask you for your secret.

So if you need therapy and guidance from your intuition to create the life of your dreams, healing, or tools to cope visit our home page and call us or listen to this past recording of a healing class I I did a few months ago it will still help.

I overcame childhood abuse from a mentally ill father, went to eight different primary schools, was bullied in some, in my country, there was no free education, I raised my own secondary school fees, lost my first husband of ten years and overcame lots of things.

That was the best thing that happened to me because it opened up doors of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of life. In the bid to search for answers, I found myself. I discovered my higher self and we have had an amazing relationship.

I have known God more. He made promises to me which he has kept and blessed me beyond my wildest imagination. Relationship with him is the most important on of all.

So having said that listen to this past class recording it will help you.

Life Coaching in Herts.

How would you like to develop; positive habits, deal effectively with stress, spirituality: connect with God/ higher self, career guidance, create the life you want or relationship without any more confusion, losing more money or long years in counselling?

My name is Carolyn Jones, I am an intuitive life coach and NLP practitioner based in Kings Langley, Herts. As a result of working with me people get breakthroughs. They get educated on how to identify and clear key, core, limiting issues or beliefs in their subconscious minds that hold them back.

Three benefits of knowing how to use your intuition.

Have you ever thought of someone and they call you? Or felt bad about leaving the house, when you went back you found the iron still on? On 9/11 some people said how something told them to leave the twin towers and immediately they left it was attacked.

There was an old couple who both had the same dream of crushing in on a plane. They both felt strongly that morning that they should not travel as they had planned. Well, there was a tragic accident on that plane they were meant to travel on and their lives were spared.

Intuition is that inner guidance system which is supposed to keep you safe and help you prosper. 6% of the population have high intuition senses. The rest have to learn it as a skill and develop it like working out in the gym but the benefits are immense. In our intuition classes or one to one sessions we help you access this part of you that knows everything about you. This part that created you. The part that created worlds.

You will have the answers on how to be connected with your true self, what career path to follow, who to marry, why you are unfulfilled, how to break bad habits anchoring you to outcomes you don’t want in life etc. It will help you create a reality that is in tune with your higher self for your highest good.

Since you were young, you learned how to interpret feelings of tiredness, hunger, anger etc. All feelings even confusion, fear, depressions, anxiety, feeling stuck, pain in the body are all messages from your subconscious mind telling you, you need to do something differently.

When you know what it’s saying and co-operate miracles happen, synchronizations happen effortlessly. But when you don’t respond, sometimes it resorts to teaching you the hard way that is when you become ill.

It’s the same as being thirsty and drinking water. It’s supposed to be that easy. Find out answers from with you. We do it with you and for you. Book a FREE 15 minutes breakthrough session in my calendar here in our home page or listen to this past recorded class first, get ready to be amazed.

Carolyn Jones. Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

I have had a share of very hard challenges which opened other door for me to discovering greater wealth of wisdom and knowledge and to be able help others in trying times. I have since helped people with cancer to bounce back to health through cellular healing which is amazing among other things.

My moto in life to walk through the doors that difficulties open up for you and you will find your bliss. Expect something amazing coming your way because of it. Get in touch today. I look forward to speaking to you. You can access past class recording here or book a free session.

Finding Joy Again.

We were born into this world connected to God, source, joy, peace, health, abundance and all that is. Before we could speak, we lived in pure consciousness, and in flow with our TRUTH. Then slowly growing up with parents who had lost their connection, we too lost this connection.

We are spiritual beings having physical experience on this earth plane. We started believing that the Ego Mind, which was programmed by our environment, was the truth, and most of us lost all connection to our intuition, our True Self and
of course our TRUTH.

The Ego Mind taught us to resist joy, create struggle, disappointments and despair. Just think about this for a minute… How does this affect your life?

If Ego Mind stopped you from having joy in your relationships, then what is the effect of that on your life? Write it down.

If you pay attention and really take time to think, then you might create enough energy to actually do something about it and change these pattern in your life.

What’s showing up in your relationships that has been created by your Ego Mind? Remember anything that is struggle, stress, discomfort, disconnection or less than joy has been
created by your Ego Mind. By Non-Truth or subconscious programmings.

Have you written it down?

Then take a look at other areas of your life through the same lens. What is the effect of Ego Mind on your finances? How does it stop you from living life fully? What would your ideal financial situation look like? What does it stop you from experiencing in your life? Write it down!

What is the effect of Ego Mind on your Health? What does your ideal body feel like? In what way does your health stop you from living? What does that stop you from experiencing in your life? Write it down!

Ego Mind taught you to stop experiencing joy in your life.

Once you understand that the Ego is not you and is Non-Truth and it can be cleared, then you will open up bringing in abundance of JOY into your life.

Probably you have grown up in the church and believed it to be all the devil’s work. The devil is a defeated foe, he only uses the power people give him. If you submit yourself to the God in you, which is the way, the truth and the life, and resist him he will flee from you.

And of course, if you would like the health, love, joy and and BREAKTHOUGH that you can dream of, to show up in your life, then jump on a breakthrough call and we can talk with you
about how to make that happen for you. Click here
You have to Give 100% To Get 100%.
If you want to live a life in abundance, to the full till it overflows, life 100%, full-out, milking it for all it’s worth and REALLY enjoying every moment of it, there’s a secret you have to
If you follow your True Self guidance 100%, you’ll get 100%
of the rewards, or results promised from the message. From my personal experience, whenever you don’t do all of it –
even though you might do 90%, you get a much lesser return on your time and energy invested.

You might decide to only do 90% of the guidance you received, but get zero result, or 10% of the result you expected.
That’s totally normal. There’s nothing wrong with you if that happens, that’s just the equation.

So when you’re clearly shown what to do, just do it exactly as you’re shown, when you’re shown to do it. Enjoy the rewards from 100% action.

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What next after cancer symptoms and diagnosis?

It seemed like yesterday. I sat down at his bedside and he said there is something he wants to tell me which might be life changing. I listened. I wasn’t scared. Nothing scared me really. I knew there is nothing we couldn’t get though together.

He said, ‘the doctor said I might have cancer but they are going to ran more tests to see if it’s true.’ I asked him how he took it, he said, he was very scared. With that I never gave myself permission to be scared because I had to be strong for my husband.

Humphrey and I met in Nairobi and married after two years. We moved to study and work in England. This was out tenth year of marriage. Many things had happened including having two beautiful children, getting his degree in theology and buying a house.

I can’t say it was always easy, like he had lost his job but nothing out of the ordinary. He worried from time to time, but I thought it was just a season. Things would be better.

Through experience, the most difficult thing after diagnosis is breaking the addiction to habitual thoughts of fear and worry. In middle aged people the most common cause of cancer is stress. Stress in adults can be caused by thoughts alone. With time the cells of the body get so addicted to those stress hormones they crave them.

The cell of the body make up the subconscious mind. When it is addicted to thoughts of fear and defeat, the body becomes the mind and dictates what you think. What you think in turn creates what you fear most, through the law of attraction, it’s a vicious circle.

The good news is that the damage that has been caused by stress can be fixed by changing those thoughts.

To stop it you have to decide to break it. Decide to see good in everything. There is a movie called ‘Pollyanna’ where a little girl played a ‘glad’ game where she helped everyone find why they needed to be glad despite the odds and in turn she changed a whole village and brought healing. Look for it on google.

For more tips to beat cancer, get access to my eBook listen to our past recording on how you can start beating cancer from today. You will get practical step by step instructions on what to do.

Also join our community of people who believe you can heal changing your thoughts here:Cancer Cellular Healing Group on face book.

If you are wondering what happened to Humphrey, well, he did not make it. He passed away after three month of diagnosis, not from cancer, but his blood sugar went too low. The doctors had given him two years. What came out of it is that I did a course which was incredible. I learned how to help people clear subconscious issues causing illnesses and helping them heal at cellular level.

As a result of working with me people get their immune system up and heal. Listen to the FREE class and claim an eBook too.

How to change your reality.

What is your story? because everyone has one.

There are three things which determine your reality, that is the things you are drawing to your self by the law of attraction. Those that you like and those you don’t want . That’s the car, the house, the sickness, the bossy manager, the holiday, kind stranger etc.

Don’t get me wrong, some things we draw to ourselves unconsciously because of the unconscious programs that we learned from our parents peer and environment.

If you have been unfortunate then probably these unconscious programs work on our minds like rust on a piece of iron left outside. They slowly but surely corrode it until it’s completely destroyed. No one is immune from them but a few people have found a way to protect themselves from these elements and daily cleanse themselves from their effects. And create what they want by holding it on your mind.

The feeling of discontentment, frustration, discouragement, anger, desperation and the like are all indicators of disconnection from source or from the reality you seek. When you are totally connected to your higher self or God, even when you experience these a truth will come out. A seed of greater benefit will emerge.

These negative feelings are an indication that you are in a vibration that is opposite to what you want. So they are a good thing. It means you are alive. They indicate where you are in relation to the vibration of the desired reality. They mean you need to make a small shift like the air crafts are constantly making small shifts to get back on track after being blown away by the wind.

The three things that determine reality are

  1. Your story. What you are telling yourself and others. Growing up I had two fathers. One was very ill mentally and my other one was unlimited. He was very present, all the time, he spoke to me constantly giving me insights that only a loving father could give. One was earthly and the other one heavenly. When my earthly father was raging out of control and violent, wanting to kill everyone, I felt held in my heavenly fathers hands safe and sound. He made promises to me that he was willing to keep and promised an inheritance of eternal life that starts from down here.

God was my father. Knowing that changed everything. I never had a birthday party, any toys from the shops, I went to eight different primary schools, made friends, lost friends and had to pay part of my secondary school fees by myself unlike my peers whose parents paid for everything but I never thought for a second that I was unfortunate.

I lived one day at a time. I really enjoyed my childhood, played a lot with neighbors children. We made our own toys and never depended on our parents to buy us any. Inspiration flowed freely. No one had a birthday party so it’s not something we missed. I didn’t know we were supposed to have one until high school when friends did them then I thought, ‘wow! it’s not a bad idea.’ By then I has some little pocket money to do one.

When I went to high school, my mother, then single and struggling, manage to get me a bursary and also paid some little school fees. She had faith in me. She believed I was going to get a good job and pay whatever remained. She was a strong woman. She sold this to the head teacher and they did not kick me from school like others who didn’t pay.

In me I knew that my heavenly father owned the school, the town, the country, and the world and as his child, I was entitled to an education and my reality followed my beliefs. My life has been one of miracles. This is because of living not according to the circumstances around me but according to what’s possible.

Do you find yourself telling stories of defeat sometimes to protect yourself from people thinking you are doing better than them, or so that they will not ask you for money or to fit in? If you are, your story will keep you in unwanted vibration. Change it to ‘as I wait for my manifestation of … I stay calm and relaxed letting inspiration to lead. Every step of the way my trust is getting deeper and deeper.

2. Your identity. What you are on your core, natural state. At your core you are made of light. You are made of love. You are made of God. Your imagination is that part of you that is God. God is a creator. It’s the part that creates your reality.

You are an unlimited, infinite and eternal being. Inside of you is a seed of abundance, health, wealth, your gift to this world and perfect self expression. Often times this is buried deep in the heaps of your ego mind; the part that carries the experiences and baggage from your past.

The time you have here in this planet is a little drop in the ocean compared to eternity. You will be alive longer than you ever lived here. So make sure you know your your purpose, your God and yourself. For more about knowing your God visit and like our spiritual equipping page on face Book.

Your body has 37 trillion cells which communicate perfectly between each other. About 10 trillion cells are destroyed daily and 259 billion cells are created everyday. In about eleven months you totally have a brand new body.

The new cells are created in accordance with the memory stored in the DNA of the previous cells. You are wonderfully and fearfully designed to be healthy and live a life free from unnecessary limitations in your ego. In our classes we show you how to clear your ego and get messages from your higher self directly.

It means that if you are unwell and you program health into your mind and cells your body can heal. In our online master classes We also show you in details how you can get your body to be healed.

3. What’s possible for you and ability to stay in that vibration long enough. Knowledge is power. What you know determines what you believe and what you believe determines your reality.

Morris Godman, in ‘the secret movie’ had severe injuries from a plane clash. The doctors gave him very little hopes of recovery. Thankfully he was connected to his spirit. He followed instructions from inside and recovered completely. He walked out of the hospital by Christmas which was his dream.

Cathy Godman was healed of cancer when she set an intention to get well again and knew a thing or two about the law of attraction and it happened too. What are you struggling with at the moment?

As a result of working with me people get inspired to create a new reality. They get educated on how to identify and clear subconscious issues that hold them back. Some even get healed to cellular level. Whether it’s your health or finances listen to our free online session here or book a free 30 minutes breakthrough session or download a free eBook and let us be the golden chain to your breakthrough.

Carolyn Jones.