About Us

Mission, Vision & Values Charter
World-class coaching and consulting aren’t affordable or available to the small and medium sized business (SME) market.
To revolutionize and deliver world-class, results-driven and affordable coaching,
consulting and training to the world’s SME market.
To significantly impact and transform the life and business of any SME business
owner looking to grow, increase profits and build value and do it cost-effectively with world-class coaching, consulting and training.

1. Client obsessed.
2. Results first.
3. Our clients’ success is our success.
4. Give the industry the respect it deserves.
5. Think BIG… always.
6. Continual self-improvement (personal excellence).
7. Work hard and smart.
8. Loyalty at all times.
9. World-class isn’t good enough. Constantly strive for better.
10. Perfect practice… makes perfect.
11. The highest standards of professionalism, always.
12. Lean and frugal.
13. Simplicity (less is more).
14. We never fail… we just learn.
15. Never, ever give up.
16. Glass is always half full.
17. Take responsibility, always.
18. Integrity.
19. All in.
20. This is ‘Day 1’ of the Coaching Revolution.

Carolyn Jones growth mentoring helps businesses grow their leads, sales and profits through a strategy called the formula. The formula involves a proven, actionable advice anyone can apply to their business, quickly and easily even if they have little or no sales and marketing experience, to produce increased profits.

Carolyn Jones has been a life coach since 2012 and has helped many people and businesses overcome limiting beliefs and habits to their goals. Some of the niches Carolyn has worked in includes marriage coaching, depression, life improvement, addiction breaking, healing and spiritual coaching; helping people connect with their higher self and get any answer to life’s challenges from within.

Carolyn joined the organisation called The Core Asset Mentoring in 2020 and is now working along side other mentors and consultants like Steve Hackney, a former rugby player and the the creator of the formula, helping businesses bounce back and become profitable after the pandemic.